On the Techniques of Digital Oil Painting

Digital oil painting, also known as abstract paint by numbers or encoded oil painting, is a color block represented by 1-48 numbers that is generated through computer standard color matching based on RGB values, and then decomposed by software. And the painter only needs to fill in the corresponding numbered pigments in the color blocks marked with numbers.

Digital oil painting has strong decorative and unique artistic charm. It is not simply about filling and painting. Everyone can use their own unique painting methods to complete their artwork. The different brushstrokes result in different effects for each painting, making it a unique life.

Therefore, each painting is unique numbers artwork, and we users not only have a real artistic experience, but also enjoy the fun of DIY process.

The painting techniques of digital oil painting are roughly as follows:

First, let's introduce three blue line marking pens: one with a wide head and two with a thin head. A wide head is usually used to draw large color blocks, which is more efficient for coloring. The other two with a thin head are divided into long hair and short hair, mainly used for drawing small color blocks and line marking. Of course, you can also use them according to your own preferences, there are no special regulations, as long as you can draw well and make it beautiful.

Pigments can be applied starting from light colors, such as white, apricot, light yellow, light gray, etc. Due to the good coverage performance and quick drying of acrylic pigments, even if painted incorrectly, it doesn't matter. We just need to wait for the pigment to dry before covering it with the correct color to correct it.

When there is enough pigment and time, it is recommended to apply it twice. Light colors can be applied several times due to the difficulty of covering the numbers on the canvas (provided that the pigment is dry before repeated coloring). . The pigment can be applied slightly thicker for better results, and the stroke direction should be kept as consistent as possible.

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