280g Cotton Canvas

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Unleash your artistic potential with our premium 280gm cotton canvas, designed to provide artists of all levels with a versatile and inspiring canvas. Specially designed to meet the needs of different artistic styles, this canvas is your blank slate for creating captivating masterpieces.

  • Materials: 280g cotton canvas
  • Width: 150cm/170cm/custom szie
  • Length: 30mper roll/50m per roll/custom size
  • Useage: Stretched canvas/Printing canvas/for painting
  • Painting by numbers canvas: Yes

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  1. Exceptional Quality:
    Our 280g Cotton Canvas stands as a testament to quality. Woven from the finest cotton fibers, this canvas boasts a weight of 280g, offering the ideal balance between sturdiness and flexibility. The texture of the canvas provides a delightful surface that enhances the tactile experience of your artwork.


    Vibrant Color Expression:
    Experience your colors like never before. Our canvas is engineered to showcase your hues with unmatched vibrancy and accuracy. From bold brushstrokes to delicate gradients, the 280g Cotton Canvas ensures that your artwork's color story is told vividly and precisely.


    Built to Last:
    Artworks deserve to stand the test of time, and our canvas is here to ensure just that. With exceptional durability and resistance to aging, your creations will remain as captivating as the day you completed them. The canvas maintains its integrity even in varying environments, making it suitable for galleries, studios, and personal collections.


    Responsive Surface:
    Create with confidence knowing that our canvas responds harmoniously to your artistic techniques. Whether you're applying thick layers of paint, experimenting with mixed media, or employing intricate details, the 280g Cotton Canvas accommodates your artistic expressions flawlessly.


    Endless Possibilities:
    From oil and acrylic paints to charcoal and pastels, our canvas accommodates a wide range of artistic mediums. Its versatility opens the door to limitless creative exploration, allowing you to push boundaries and redefine your artistic horizons.


Elevate Your Artistry:
Our 280g Cotton Canvas is more than a surface; it's a partner in your creative journey. Every stroke, every texture, every idea is brought to life with exceptional clarity and depth. Elevate your artistry with a canvas that embodies your passion and dedication.


Embark on a journey of creativity and expression with the 280g Cotton Canvas. This canvas isn't just a medium; it's a gateway to art that resonates and captivates. 


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