Quality first, quality guaranteed

  • Our technology

    Our state-of-the-art mortise and tenon structures ensure the stretched canvas maintains its shape and color over time.

  • Expert Team

    Bustles with the energy of 80-100 production-oriented employees and 10 senior research and development engineers.

  • 100% guarantees

    Our frames are meticulously crafted using imported pine wood.

  • Quick delivery

    We deliver goods quickly, efficiently, consume less frequently and have a clear division of labor.


Let's take our development to a higher level

  • What is a canvas panel used for?

    ● Introduction canvas panels have become an essential tool for artists of all levels, offering a rigid and durable surface to create beautiful artwork. While many are familiar with traditional stretch

  • How do I choose an easel stand?

    Understanding Your Easel Needs When it comes to selecting an easel stand, the first step is to understand your specific needs. Are you an artist looking for a stable platform to create your masterpiec


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