HOT SELLING STRETCHED CANVAS CUSTOM SIZE PINE FRAME 280g cotton stretched canvas for painting

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We can custom the stretched canvas size according to your requirements the canvas is made of 280g cotton canvas that’s easy to painting



SIZE:Accept custom

Canvas:280g cotton canvas

Frame:Pine Wood

General Specifications:1523mm

Shape: rectangle/square/round/custom shape




Package:Single product transparent film heat shrink + carton

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Hot  Sell Pine Wood Frame Custom Size 280g Cotton Stretched Canvas For Painting

The "Hot Sell Pine Wood Frame Custom Size 280g Cotton Stretched Canvas For Painting" is a premium canvas designed specifically for painting. It stands out with its pine wood frame, customizable dimensions, and 280g cotton stretched canvas, providing artists with an excellent foundation for their creations.

The sturdy pine frame not only provides a stable support for your drawing focus, but also adds a natural texture to the artwork. With this stretched canvas, you can unleash your creativity on this canvas. Because we are a factory, we support customization, through customizable size options, you can choose the canvas size you want to meet your requirements, ensuring that the stretched canvas can provide you with the best service.


The 280g cotton canvas offers exceptional expressive capabilities and absorption performance, making it ideal for various painting mediums, including oil and acrylic paints. Its smooth texture and high-quality surface allow pigments to distribute evenly, resulting in stunning masterpieces.

Although this stretched canvas board includes all the features of a high-quality art canvas, it comes at a very affordable price. This feature makes it an excellent general-purpose product for artworks, and also makes it a hot trade product for wholesalers, with low prices, huge profits, and excellent texture. Whether you are a professional artist or an art wholesaler, this canvas will catch your eye.

In summary, the Hot Sell Pine Wood Frame Custom Size 280g Cotton Stretched Canvas For Painting is an outstanding painting tool that combines top-notch materials, customizable dimensions, and an affordable price. Whether you're aiming for professional painting results or indulging in creative exploration, this canvas provides a solid foundation for your artistic journey.


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